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Come have your Maps and PostCards.Jaffa2030 Map#1

The  Invites you for the First Opening of  pop up VisitorCenter Jaffa2030 on Thursday 06.09.2012 at 19:00.  In the Saraya, Arabic Hebrew Theater, St. Mifrats Shlomo 10, Jaffa old city.

The Visitor Center,Through a 24 hours open Gallery and a human happening, will try and flame the imagination of the city as part of a vivid Arab World surrounding, illustrating how reconciling the urban space is not only a way to deal with the past, but more, a major tool for planning the future.

Come visit a city we don’t live in still, but we should ask ourselves how we might?

The visitor center will include a 24 hours open gallery, an information point providing maps, post cards and guided tours in the city, tourism travel office to the Arab World you didn’t know and an open air Cinema. While the opening night will include music shows, live performances, and crowning the night with a party. The gallery will Exhibit a Different Timeline of History, various aspects of relevant present, and doubts and hopes regarding possible futures.

the Gallery will use a various range of Artifacts in order to tell a different story. a story needed to be told as it touches the daily struggle, vivid moments and memory of the local community.

The Gallery will Present works of : Anisa Ashkar, DAAR-Decolinizing Art Architecture Residency, Sami Boukhari, Nakhleh Shaqar, Ayam Association-the JaffaProject, Khaleel Ra3ed Photography Curated by Dr. Rona Sela. and much more others.

come buy our postcards :
Saraya Outside Open Yard. Inside the Saraya Theater. Tours.
19:00-20:00 An open Café, Opening of the 24 hours exhibition. Inside and outside Dj Basheer will accompany the space with soundtrack. Registration open for Tours. Dj-Basheer will play the inside Gallery and Bar Soundtrack till 23:00.
20:00-20:30Opening of the Visitor Center-Gallery, ArabWorld Tourism and Jaffa Information Center. Pearl Underground opening performance of Improvisations between word speakers  and Musicians. Opening of the Gallery for 24 hours exhibition. (Dj basher-Gallery Soundtrack) 20:30 First Tour to the City from Visitor Center. Plz Register earlier. The open Café-Bar will Accompany the events all night.20:00 the Tourism and Information Points will be opened.
20:30-22:00 Open air screening of the movie-Microphone. Dealing with the Egyptian Underground Art Scene. Gallery and Lounge. In Addition to the Tourism and Information Points. 21:00second Tour to the City from Visitor Center. Plz Register earlier.21:30 Third Tour to the City from Visitor Center. Plz Register earlier.
22:00-23:00 Pearl underground (see above ) Gallery and Lounge. In Addition to the Tourism and Information Points.
23:00-04:00 Closing the outside events. 7arakeh Fawreieh. A political partying scene-Separation is not the answer, Collective Rights for all.
Draft of Post card #1

Jaffa, Ajami before Gentrification and while being under total demolition city planning. The Gentrification process had a tremendous effect on the local Palestinian community drawing most of it to severe housing problems

New Tourism Jaffa.

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