Jaffa Visitor Center

Jaffa Visitor Center-Jaffa2030 (Address), is a project by the JaffaProject-Ayam Association (responsible for the oral history project of the city), presenting information, tours and group sessions aimed to inflame the imagination about the city, and take it out from the borders of the limiting Israeli Hegemonic historical/political point of view rising with it for a reconnection with the network of middle eastern cities it was once part of, which we believe is essential for understanding the cityJaffa Visitor Center-Jaffa2030‘s past, present and future. At the same time highlighting present data and exposing springs of grassroots activities and scenes which represent opportunities and danger points for future cosmopolitan urban space aware of its rule in creating a better Arab World/Middle Eastern society.

The opening of the Visitor Center is scheduled for Thursday 6th of September 2012, 20:00, in the Arabic-Hebrew Theater. And will be celebrated through two days schedule of festive activities and workshops. Follow the Blog of the Jaffa2030  for updates.

After the opening weekend the Visitor Center will continue to exist both as an internet based information project, and as permanent Information Point located at the Saraya-Arabic Theater of the city. thus offering tourism packages in the city and providing information tours to be booked by groups and individuals, by this helping provide an economical engine for the deprived Arabic culture of the city.





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Jaffa2030-Alternative Visitor Center @ Province

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